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letters to our daughters / june 2013

A letter to my little girl who’s now five years old and no longer a preschooler   Dear Olivia, I’ve been writing this letter to you in my head for many months now and every time I thought about it, I got the tightest knot in my throat. I usually thought about it in the […]

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Oh so cute hair accessories by Mayi Carles

I’m so excited to post some of the new images that I have been working on for the Mayi Carles accessories look book. Here are a few of her many beautiful creations. Stop by her Etsy shop to see all her beautiful accessories and make sure to go down to the end of this post to […]

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fifty two on Friday -week twenty- broken

I’m not sure which week was harder; last week’s CD Cover or this week’s Broken. And wait till you see next weeks theme, I have butterflies in my stomach only thinking about shooting it. Anyway, last week was “Watching Week” at Lola’s Ballet-Tap class. Watching Week is when the families get to sit inside the […]

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fifty two on friday -week seventeen- light

I can’t believe we are already on the seventeenth week of our fifty-two on Friday project. This weeks the theme is Light. Last weeks was Pastel. Could there be a better theme than this one? I don’t think so. Every photographer lives, breathes and swoons over light. There are so many “types” of lights but […]

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