the baileys / seattle children photographer

This was one of the most fun sessions ever, it took place back on May but I am just now getting around to blog it.

Take a look and see foryourself what an awesome family they are!

Happy week! It’s a big one since it’s election day tomorrow and also my birthday!


letters to our daughters / october 2012

I’m happy to be back today with a post dedicated to my oldest daughter Lola.

Life gets busy sometimes and we don’t realize how important it is to have one on one quality time with the people we love.

These images are from this past summer when all fours of us went for a little hike on a Saturday afternoon.

Dear Lola,


I’m sitting here in front of my computer wanting to tell you so many things that I feel I don’t get to say to you as often as I would want to. Ever since you came to my world I loved you more than I would have never imagined I could love anyone (and you’ll understand what I mean once you have your own babies). I remember having all these dreams about you and imagining your little personality, your smile, your giggles, your tiny little toes, your smell, so many things I used to imagine. And you made every single one of my dreams come true. When I first saw you I couldn’t believe that you were there, you were that little girl that I had been dreaming about for over 9 months. I felt so lucky to have you, baby but I would lie if I said that I wasn’t scared too. It was probably both the most amazing and scariest time of my life (for your Dad too). We really didn’t know very much what we were doing but we both knew that we wanted  to have a happy family.

When we moved to Seattle you were only 3 months old. Daddy came a couple of weeks before the two of us to rent a place and find a job. We came later with Babi who was such a huge support for us (and still is) and she stayed with us for a little over a month and helped us get settled. I’m not going to lie to you, it was hard, so very hard to be in a brand new place, being a brand new Mom, having Dad working two jobs so that i could stay at home with you and having none of my friends or my family around to share your daily milestones, to share the happiness that your little sounds, smiles, made me feel or to share the fears that I had. We luckily had Grandma, Grandpa & Sue but they were also new to me at the time, but they loved you from day one and made me feel like I belonged.

I remember we used to spend all day together, just the two of us trying to figure out our brand new life and the brand new city. I would walk you in the stroller to PCC to buy some groceries for the day and I would get so terribly frustrated to not be able to find the “regular” items that you can find at the common grocery store (now I learned to love PCC!!!). Usually on our way back from the store we would walk around our neighborhood, go say hi to the ducks by the canal, play around there, and get back home to play some more. We cuddled, and danced and laughed and took naps and did all those things that Moms and babies do together. We had so much fun. And even though It felt very lonely at times, the fact of not knowing many people and not having friends around made it that we spent our time together with no other distractions, and we built that amazing bond. And even though I don’t miss the feeling of “loneliness” I sometimes miss the simplicity of our lives.

Then Grandma introduced us to Peps and other playgroups and we loved it and after a few months we had a playgroup to go to on every day of the week except for Mondays. In the playgroups we made a couple of friends and our social life started being more colorful. We started exploring more and hearing about some awesome parks and indoor playrooms, and open gyms and life started being a lot more social. And after then it never stopped. And now, years later, the two of us find it hard to find time to spend quality time together just the two of us and it’s been hurting the way we have been interacting. And I miss spending one on one time with you and I know you miss it too. You are growing so fast, Lolita and I want you live your childhood in the happiest possible way because the magic of childhood happens only when you are a kid and I want to take every opportunity to make it even more magical for you, my sweet girl.

I love you forever and ever and ever. And to the moon and back. And to a hundred and thirty ten (you used to say that number when you were little and wanted to express a big amount). You are just like you were in my dreams and more and I am so proud of you.


Te amo,



Please continue the circle with the letter that Jamie Lackey wrote to her daughter

our project ten | october 2012

Welcome to the my October Project ten! Here are my Ten images. Have a great day!!!

Pony Tail

Walking to school

Morning Light

Guess who?

Like Mother Like Daughter (They have the same messy hair!)


Roughing it with Daddy

On Mom & Dad’s bed

Story Time

Tired kid



Continue the circle with my sweet friend Andrea Linn who documented a day at the fair!

anna + luke / seattle couples photographer

I just can not be more excited about these images from Anna & Luke’s engagement session. We had an amazing time, we biked (yep, I did too, with my camera on tow and all) and I may or may have not taken a few shots as I was riding. They also brought some wine, cheese & crackers for a mini picnic, they swung, made up a bit ;), laughed and enjoyed being together. I loved that Anna brought all of these ideas to me about what she wanted to do during their session, and am glad it all worked out so great!

I’m so thrilled and honored to be documenting their wedding this coming Saturday cause the love between them is inspiring!

our project ten / september 2012

After missing two months in a row, I’m back posting my “Project Ten” images!

This past weekend we went camping with friends and had an amazing time! The kids played and swam on the lake all day long, the big girls got to sleep together in their own tent and we let them walk around the campground by themselves (and they loved it!). The little ones laughed and played make believe non stop. We all enjoyed the incredible weather, rented row boats, eat yummy food and enjoyed being surrounded by nature, our families and away from computers, cellphones and all of the distracting stuff. We all loved it and it went by way too fast. I took a ton of pictures and instead of posting just one day, I selected images from the whole weekend that would reflect the great time that we had. I’m only posting a few photos today, I wish I could post more because all the memories are so fresh and I’m so excited about every photo and the story behind them, but it’s late and I need to get some sleep. I’ll be posting more once I catch up with everything I’m behind on 😉

Happy week!

Let’s go swimming!

Swimming with Summer (aka: the inflatable whale)

Sandy feet

Not a bad walk

Beach Ball

Our first night

First thing I saw when I opened my tent in the morning.

Jack & Olivia

Volleyball goofballs

The big girls


Tres and puffy things

Professor Claire & Batman

Bubbles won’t survive


Sisters & Smores


Head over to my dear friend Breeze Floyd with Love Resembles to see what she’s been up to this month.

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