I love this girl and her mom and miss them so much because don’t live in Seattle anymore. Gladly Morena gets to come and visit and we all enjoy seeing her, especially Lola and Olivia who really look up to her. I will soon blog the photos I took of the three of them together.

Meet this incredible girl who is now a teenager. These photos were taken a while ago and somehow I forgot to blog them but I love them and hope to get to photograph her again soon.

Adrian & Andrew

Meet Adrian and Andrew.

We got together on a gorgeous late March day last year and spent a few hours exploring Capitol Hill and Belltown.

It was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever shot.


my friend karen

Meet my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Karen.

a frame I love

our project ten / january 2014

I missed posting for this project and am hoping to do it more often this year. My cousin and his family came to visit us from Florida and on their last day here we went to explore Whidbey Island.

Below are some shots from the day. More than ten, as usual. I gotta work on my culling skills.

Happy friday!

Head over to my friend Kirsti Larmour’s blog to see what lovely adventure her and her family were up to this month.

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