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letters to our daughters / june 2013

A letter to my little girl who’s now five years old and no longer a preschooler   Dear Olivia, I’ve been writing this letter to you in my head for many months now and every time I thought about it, I got the tightest knot in my throat. I usually thought about it in the […]

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letters to our daughters / may 2013

I’m back and today I wrote a letter to Lola. Her birthday letter. A few months belated.         Dear Lolita, You are nine years old. You’ve actually been nine for almost three months now. How did nine years and almost three months fly by so quickly? We were watching some of your […]

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letters to our daughters \ january 2013

Today I’m writing a short letter to my two girls where I talk about them sleeping, so this photo seemed fitting even though it was taken on a different night than when the letter was written. It’s Friday!!!   Dear girls, It’s January 25th, 2013. It’s 1am in the morning and I’ve started writing this […]

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letters to our daughters / october 2012

I’m happy to be back today with a post dedicated to my oldest daughter Lola. Life gets busy sometimes and we don’t realize how important it is to have one on one quality time with the people we love. These images are from this past summer when all fours of us went for a little […]

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letters to our daughters / june 2012

Welcome to the June edition of Letters to our Daughters. This time I wrote a letter to my oldest daughter, Lola. If you missed the April & May letters you can find them here and here. Don’t forget to follow the circle and check out the amazing photos and letters that my friends have posted. […]

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