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carolina dario & dorotea

2013 has been an incredible year, the busiest one yet so blogging did not make much of the cut when it came to priorities. So here I am trying to start blogging some work from last year. I’ll start with this impromptu session at my friend Carolina’s. I love her family and always feel inspired […]

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easton is growing up quickly / seattle child and family photographer

I have been photographying Easton ever since he was in his Mom’s tummy. I just love seeing him grow and become such a sweet and joyfull little man. Here are several favorites. Happy Tuesday!

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dorotea -twelve days new- / seattle child and family photographer

Dorotea is back on my blog but this time she’s 12 days old instead of 12 hours old. Isn’t it crazy how much bigger she looks? There was so much happiness in their home when I came to document them and it was the perfect day to do so since it was Greandma’s last day […]

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dorotea -brand new- / seattle family photographer

When Lola was born, one of my friends (who’s also a photographer) took one amazing picture of my husband and Lola looking at eachother. That picture has had an amazing impact on all of us. Lola often asks to look at it and asks us questions about the day that she was born and Chris […]

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