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letters to our daughters / may 2012

It’s May 25th and that means it’s time to post a letter a wrote to my daughters! If you missed my first letter you can find it here and learn more about this project that I’m doing along with a group of fabulous Mamas and photographers from around the globe. Last time I wrote about […]

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easton is growing up quickly / seattle child and family photographer

I have been photographying Easton ever since he was in his Mom’s tummy. I just love seeing him grow and become such a sweet and joyfull little man. Here are several favorites. Happy Tuesday!

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dorotea -twelve days new- / seattle child and family photographer

Dorotea is back on my blog but this time she’s 12 days old instead of 12 hours old. Isn’t it crazy how much bigger she looks? There was so much happiness in their home when I came to document them and it was the perfect day to do so since it was Greandma’s last day […]

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twenty six on friday / dream dream dream

Welcome to another Twenty Six on Friday Project edition. Our inspiration today is “Dream, dream, dream”. Our last one was “Takes my breath away“. I’m loving our latest themes because they are more abstract and the perfect triggers to let the imagination flow. The best part is to go through the circle and see everyones’ […]

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our project ten / may 2012

Time for another Project Ten post! This time I documented a typical weekday. Spy Colors Blossom Preschool T.J’s bathroom Frozen foods & cookies isle Parking lot Goofball Lola’s new shoes Friends ¬†Continue the circle with my talented friend Jobrina Hofleit.

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