I’m back and excited about my new flash drives!

Hi all! I’m alive and all is great! Life and work have been keeping me so busy that I haven’t been able to stop by here for way too long.

I’m pretty excited to have started working with a fabulous designer that’s working on a full re-brand for my blog + site and creating a new Logo + Site for my fine art work. Definitely a lot going on but the reason that brought me back here is that I wanted to share my brand new custom Flash Drives that I just got on the mail. I wanted to give a shout out to USB Memory Direct for the fantastic quality, amazing customer service and super fast shipping. I’m just very happy to have found them and thought I should share it here to perhaps bring some happiness to someone else ;)! I will soon be ordering some more once my new logo/ branding are ready.




Meg & Will | Seattle couples photographer

These two are getting hitched this weekend! Wishing them a life filled with happiness!



My friend Katy. And now also my muse.

A family of four

Couples Special

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